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The development of the Department of Homeland Security was a key turnaround to emergency response in the United States. The creation of this department has influenced the relations between the federal as well as state and local agencies. One critical element that has changed the agencies at various levels is information sharing which has brought together an exchange of information systems and emergency preparedness at all levels of government (George, Rishikof & Georgetown University, 2011, p. 270).

The influence

The relationship has changed the meanings and practices regarding emergencies across different levels. It has also changed the kind of partnership that existed and also the level of trust especially with the information thus developing a culture of sharing information that never existed before (In Hamner, Stovall, Taha, Brahimi, 2015, p. 219). The development of homeland security has brought harmony in issues of disaster preparedness among different agencies.

Positive and negative impact

On emergency management, the department of homeland security has brought about so many requirements that have become tiresome and boring to most of the Americans and the visitors. It has come with financial implications at both the federal and state levels to cater for this requirements. On the positive side, the development of this department has become an essential strategy in emergency preparedness across the United States (In Hamner et al., 2015, p. 219). (200 words)


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Thank you for your post. You made an interesting comment that some of the requirements under DHS have become boring and tiresome. Can you elaborate? I would be interested to know they are bored and what they feel needs to be done or changed.”

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