Texas Tech University Jane Psychological Interview Discussion

Texas Tech University Jane Psychological Interview Discussion

Grading Rubric

[Introduction of the Client]: 1-page maxUnsatisfactory (1pt): Lack of information and no problem statement identified.Minimal (2pts): Attempted to gather client’s background information, but scattered. Competent (3pts): Client’s background information is collected, but no linkage to problem statement. Outstanding (4pts): Sufficient background information linked to the problem statement.

[Problem Statement]:
1-paragraph max, 150 words minimum & 200 words max. Explain the primary problem that a client experience.Unsatisfactory (1pt): No problem statement existsMinimal (2pts): Problem statements exist, but doesn’t meet words limit Competent (3pts): Problem statement exist, but not linked well with the background information. Outstanding (4pts): Clear problem statement, and linked well with the previous sectionInterview Instruction

The purpose of the initial interview with a client is to obtain both information regarding the issues or problems that have brought the client into therapy or counseling and preliminary information regarding personal and family history. A general guideline regarding what information needs to be collected is presented below.

[Background Information]Identifying Data: Client name, age, race or ethnicity, marital status, occupation, grade in school, members of household.Initial Presenting Concern: Brief statement of the problem that led to client initially seeking counseling servicesCurrent Difficulties: History of problem, precipitating events, symptoms, previous occurrences of problem, previous method of resolution, effects of problem on client’s life. (This section should be extensive and detailed.)Physical Health History: Significant health history, illnesses, injuries, current medications.Psychological Health History: Previous treatment, duration, compliance, past and current psychotropic medication, past or current suicidal ideation/attempts.Educational History: Where is client in school or what level of educational achievement did client achieve, significant school experiences, level of client’s satisfaction with school achievement.Occupational History: Client’s work history, reasons for job changes, level of satisfaction with employment.Previous Testing (if available): Summary of any psychological or educational assessments.Family and Home Background: Construct appropriate multigenerational genogram. Describe in narrative form client’s perspectives of the family and critical family incidents.

[Strengths and Resources]Strengths and Resources: Include the positive things going for the client or student that will help for addressing the problems and needs (personal, familial, intellectual, financial, social, spiritual, physical, medical, or affective supports

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