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In light of knowledge gained from the current course on Teaching and Learning Strategies, prepare your personal assessment as an educator and a personal philosophy as a nurse educator. The criteria for your personal philosophy and assessment, at a minimum, should include: targets such as historical contexts/theories, professionalism, curriculum, planning, assessment, teaching strategies, and learning. Discuss how your personal philosophy of nursing education and self assessment evolved from the course competencies.

The course competencies for this course are as follows:

  1. Explore the role of educator in facilitating the development of motivation, critical thinking, problem solving, evidenced based practice, and clinical decision making in students across the educational spectrum.
  2. Synthesize principles of adult learning theory, teaching and learning strategies, and assessment and evaluation through development of a holistic teaching plan for the classroom and clinical settings.
  3. Discuss the role of innovation in technology and distance learning and its impact on the roles and competencies needed for the successful educator.
  4. Critically explore the recommendations and innovations being fostered by professional organizations in the quest to ensure quality in nursing education.
  5. Examine one’s personal philosophy of education in relation to teaching and learning to determine a fit for self in the role of educator across a variety of settings.

APA format

1-2 pages


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