systematic review

systematic review

Does the systematic review answer the research question? Explain your rationale.

Yes the research question is answered in first study. In article number one care of patients with heart failure (HF), would use of inter professional care teams result in fewer hospital readmission compared to routine care? In the conclusion section of the first article  it states that a reduction in readmission is directly proportional to healthcare savings, improved patient-provider relationship, and patient satisfaction (Shan,  2018).

In the second article the question is listed as an objective which states that after completing this learning activity, the learner will be able to identify a role for teach-back method in patient education to reduce readmission in patients with heart failure. I feel as though the research question was not answered in the second article as it concludes that more initiatives should be added in conjunction with the teach back method.


2. Was the search comprehensive and reproducible?

Yes the first article was comprehensive and reproducible, however, the second was not.

3.Did each systematic review include a section addressing limitations and how they were addressed?

In the first article limitation were listed under a section clearly identified as the limitations. The limitation included the fact that the article was only published in the English language, some studies had small sample sizes, generalizability. In the second article the limitation was found within the reading of the article no section to clearly identify limitations were used but the verbiage “limitation” was found in the article to discuss the limitations. Limitations were identified as small sample size and an inability to control the study groups.

4.Based on this evidence summary, would you consider either or both of these systematic reviews as support for your selected practice problem? Explain your rationale.

Yes I would consider each of these pieces in my data collection for my practice problem. Part of my interventions to decrease readmission in my project is educating staff and patients on the important facts to know to decrease readmission, also I plan to show how use of multidisciplinary teams are beneficial to decrease readmission.




Article #1


Shah, B. (2018). Effectiveness of Interprofessional Care Teams on Reducing Hospital Readmissions in Patients with Heart Failure: A Systematic Review. MEDSURG Nursing27(3), 177–185. Retrieved from


Article #2


Almkuist, K. D. (2017). Using Teach-Back Method to Prevent 30-Day Readmissions in Patients with Heart Failure: A Systematic Review. MEDSURG Nursing26(5), 309–351. Retrieved from

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