Subject: Microbiology Topic: Paper on smallpox and chicken pox, biology homework help

I need a paper that covers both 1.chicken pox and 2. small pox, including in text citations as well as a references page. please use credible sources and most recent sources. please include pictures for the both illnesses the paper should first talk about topic one then topic two, for each topic cover all the points below (A-I):

A.General characteristics of the virus (structure and replication characteristics)

B.Transmission, symptoms and prevalence of the disease

C.Particular anatomical site and or cell type infected by the virus

D.Pathogenesis of the disease

E. Type and mode of action of the immune system (type of antigenic determinant involved, involvement of the cell-mediated immunity, involvement of the NK cells)

F. Does the viral infection result in cancer, if yes what is the pathogenesis?

G. Discussion on vaccines if available.

H. General treatment regimen

I. Recent advances if any (after 2010 only). This will be an extra credit discussion

Please start the paper with topic one and title each paragraph with the topic for example:

1. Chicken Pox:




And so on…

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