Written Assignment: Data Evaluation (50 points)

Your system has been implemented at the Medical Center of DeVry and you have been requested to produce a report of data from the system.

Using a data dictionary, you will write an SQL command to satisfy a data retrieval request. The sample dictionary and data request are as follows.

Data Dictionary

Patient TableElementDefinitionTyprLengthDefaultConstraintsMR#Unique identification numberNumeric 9None100000000-999999999LNameIndividual’s last nameAlpha 25NoneNoneFNameIndividual’s first nameAlpha 20NoneNoneGenderIndividual’s genderAlpha 1None”F” or “M”BdateIndividual’s birth dateDate 8NoneNone

Data Retrieval Request

List all patients with the last name of “Johnson”.

List all patients who are female.

List all patient last names and the medical record number of each.

Important Instruction

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