short essay question

Hello, How are you!!

This is the same assignment you did for me yesterday!!


you wrote essays about those topics: malnutrition , diabetes, malaria, polio.

I attached you these same files ( word document you wrote those essays in ) and ( my assignment ).

I want to you to add two more topics that answers the same questions:

the topics are: 1- tuberculosis , 2- maternal health ( obstetric fistula ), and 3- lymphatic filariasis. ( you can see them in the chart of my assignment )

2: the thesis statement part that talks about all of those disease. so you kind of write an introduction and thesis statements for all of those disease.

just add in the beginning of the second attached file ( word document ).

because my professor want all of them as one essay. so the thesis statement give an opening introduction for all of the topics you you wrote about.

In the exam, he would pick up three topics, and I have to begin with the intrudction and thesis statement that lead to those topics in sequnces

hopefully that clear to you.

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