Science help needed to decide a make response about nuclear energy

choose one of the following and make response about your opinion -3-4 well developed sentences.

1.Nuclear Energy is a renewable resource that can be used safely well into the future.  The main fuel of Nuclear energy is Uranium-235 what is made up from only around 1% of the worlds Uranium.  Although with this being said, some of this Uranium is able to be re-enriched and recycled, making it renewable.

  The largest advantage of Nuclear power is creating a lot of energy with little pollution.  With fossil fuels, there is burning required to heat the steam required for generating electricity.  In nuclear power, the uranium, a hot rock, is used to generate this heat. The largest drawback is the nuclear waste.  This waste, as well as contaminated clothing or tools can hold radiation for thousands of years.  Storage facilities for this waste can be a problem.  The other problem is that there is radiation, and can be issues if there are natural or mechanical disasters, such as Fukushima, or Chernobyl where there was radiation that was let out into the environment.

  I would not mind living close to a nuclear power plant.  I have spent time living on a nuclear powered submarine in the United States Navy.  One this submarine below the ocean, I received less radiation that I would have from standing in the sun all day.  There are very strict protocol for anyone allowed access to these type of facilities and I would feel comfortable living by one.

  The world seems to use more nuclear energy than the US.  Although we have over 100 nuclear reactors, we still rely on fossil fuels and hydroelectric power plants to generate the majority of our energy.  Countries such as France, Lithuania, and Slovakia use energy almost completely obtained from nuclear reactors.  This may be due to the bad name that nuclear energy has made in the United States.  Or that the Uranium-235 is mostly imported into the US, where coal and oil can be obtained more easily.

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2.Nuclear energy is a non renewable resource.  Nuclear energy is used to produce electricity. One of the advantages of nuclear energy is the cost. Little uranium is required  to make the same amount of energy as coal or oil which lessens the cost of producing the same amount of energy. Uranium is also less expensive to get hold of and transport and this lowers the cost. Another advantage is the reliability.  When a nuclear power plant is operating and running smoothly it can run without any troubles for up to 540 days. Another noticeable advantage is that although nuclear energy gives off radiation the plant does not present any greenhouse gases.

The disadvantages to nuclear power is the raw material that is used in nuclear power.  Uranium is a naturally unstable element and it must be looked at closely to ensure that radiation is not produced due to this.  Waste is another disadvantage and leaks play a major role.  Also nuclear power plants are targets for terrorist organizations. I would not feel happy if the county that I live in decided to build a nuclear power plant.  I would not like this idea because of the disadvantages and the harm it could cause being so close to homes.  The idea that radiation or even an explosion and the damage that it could do for miles would be detrimental. The United States has the most nuclear power plants but in other countries they do carry them.


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