psychology worksheet

Here are the terms to use in this Discussion: correct vocal term meanings CategorizeClassical conditioningConditioned response (CR)Conditioned stimulus (CS)ContextDiscriminative stimulusLaw of effectObservational learningOperant conditioningReinforcerUnconditioned response (UR)Unconditioned stimulus (US)Vicarious reinforcement

1) Give an example of Classical Conditioning from your life – USE THE VOCAB!!!

2) Give an example of Operant conditioning from your life – USE THE VOCAB!!

3) When have you learned something by observation? USE THE.. well vocabulary.. get it?

4) What happened in your past learning that influenced you learning in the future?

5) (Links to an external site.)

6) Is this close to the book?The difference between classical and operant conditioning – Peggy Andover (Links to an external site.)

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