PSY 150 Edgecombe Community College When Personalities Clash Paper

Magazine article summary: Select 1 article dealing with any psychological concept or issue. Summarize the main points of the article using your own words as well as including what interested you about the article and/ or what you learned. Additionally, you will need to identify the psychological concepts that are involved in the article you select as well as give your thoughts on the implication these concepts are having/will have on our society. The article may be selected only from: Newsweek, Time or Psychology Today. This summary should be 2–3 pages long and must have a copy of the article attached to the summary or send the link. Sending the link does not count as proper APA documentation. MAKE sure to send the complete APA citation. The article is worth 40 points and is due at by 1:00 pm on the following date: June 10, 2020 NO ASSIGNMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED BEYOND THIS DATE AND TIME

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