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indicate which of the following has the highest boling. 

H2S has a …. b.p. than H2Se . 
CH3CH2CH3 has a …. b.p. than CH3CN . 
I2(s) has a …. b.p. than H2O(l) . 
CH2O has a …. b.p. than CH3NH2 . 
H2O has a …. b.p. than H2S . 

determine the the of bod

Potassium Iodine 
Sulfur Dioxide 


Sodium Chloride 


Calculate the heat required to convert 15.9 g of ethyl alcohol, C2H6O, from a solid at -130°C into the gaseous state at 102°C. The normal melting and boiling points of this substance are -117°C and 78°C, respectively. The heat of fusion is 109 J/g, and the heat of vaporization is 837 J/g. The specific heats of the solid, liquid and gaseous states are, respectively, 0.97, 2.30 and 0.95 J/g/K.

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