physics project help need

physics project help need

My topic for the physics project is Anterior Cruciate ligament (ACL) tear. I need to relate to kinematics and figure how some graphs and calculations. I need help, I am very confused on how to start off and where exactly to start off. Below is what I need to figure out…

Stage 1: Kinematics  

  Research out the kinematics applications, such as typical distances, displacements, speeds, velocities, accelerations and times involved.  Calculate the remaining quantities.  Also find out what values are associated with injuries or signs of poor health. 

· Translational motion of  whole body or object

o Typical distances, displacements, speeds, velocities, accelerations, & times → Show calculations with formulas and cite numbers used to arrive at calculation

o Values associated with injury or poor health → Contrast with typical case illustrated above.

o Free Fall and air resistance, if applicable → Is it reasonable to neglect air resistance?  Explain.

· Projectile Motion, if applicable → Distinguish each component of vector quantities from total.  Is this what you expected?  Explain.

o If not analyzing projectiles → What constraints are you placing, or what assumptions are you making regarding the activity that allow you to simplify calculations?

· Graphs, Motion Diagrams or Video Analysis → There is flexibility in how to approach this.  You might construct your own graph from data that you researched or values estimated from a video, or you might use a graph obtained elsewhere to construct a diagram.  

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