Petition Letter

Identify which two senators represent your state (Colorado’s current Senators are Democrat Michael Bennet and Republican Cory Gardner and who the congressional representative is for the district you live in Mike Coffman. Of these three, who do you feel would be most sympathetic to your health policy issue? Michael Bennet

Write a 525-word petition letter to Michael Bennet regarding a health policy bill you would like to propose to address your selected health policy issue of Removing Barriers to Nurse Practitioners’ Ability To Practice

Include the following in your letter:Identify who you are and who you represent.(I will add)Clearly define the issue that needs to be addressed, providing evidence that establishes the sense of urgency to take action.Layout your proposal for legislation that will address the issue.Provide at least two strong arguments that could persuade your senator or representative to support and hopefully introduce your proposal as a bill into the legislative process.Utilize the articles you selected in prior weeks to support your proposal. Research at least one opposing argument by locating academic articles using the University Library and provide a detailed response to your opposition’s argument.If there is currently any active legislation that would negatively affect your selected issue, identify the legislation and explain why your senator or representative should vote against its passage. Close out your letter by addressing how your proposed legislation may influence outcomes.

Utilize Box 44-2: Sample Letter/E-Mail to a Policymaker located on p. 396 in Ch. 44 of Policy & Politics as a guide.

Cite and reference using APA guidelines.

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