Pathos and Ethos

Pathos and Ethos

The text for this picture would be, “Women fighting and debating for woman’s rights have turned woman into something other than ladies.” The pathos portrayed might be exploded from this drawing would be the woman scorning the man holding the baby with the expression of scold on his face. The expression of the man not helping enough with the family unit or it may imply the opposite role as the man would so to say “talk down or discipline” the spouse. This might represent how the woman may feel when it comes to family unit roles. The ethos and logos examples would also be the woman smoking a cigarette and wearing a masculine hat working the ballot box to vote, the woman sitting non lady like on the box smoking

2.I feel like a great caption for this could be “Men being dominant over woman is over! Women have a voice and just as much say so as well!”

I think logos is used by calling Susan a man tamer because she tells men what is on her mind, and she voices her opinions on equality. Obviously, a lot of women want to have the same option and be able to voice their opinions too, so there is a lot of women there to vote for this “man tamer.”

I think pathos is used by woman finally being able to vote. That’s emotional when it comes to both men and women. The man is holding a baby, so the roles are being reversed and she is mad at that man for something and he just looks like he is confused by all this and does not know what to think.  She looks like she is ready to have the same rights as men.

I think ethos is used by the writer trying to develop a relationship with women and some men who think women deserve the same as them. This image is showing fairness between men and women by allowing women the same right as a man, to vote!

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