Paine College How Teen Victimization Related to Teen Depression Research Study Paper

Paine College How Teen Victimization Related to Teen Depression Research Study Paper

This will involve addressing, at minimum, three key elements of methodology: the participants you plan to recruit, the measures you plan to use to study the variables of interest, and the procedure by which you will collect your data. If you are proposing to carry out a survey, you will need to select measures that are both reliable and valid and attach them as an appendix to your final proposal. If you are proposing to run an experiment you will need to include a detailed protocol. Thinking about your design will inform your analyses as you go. Because this is a proposal, you should be writing all of this in the future tense. Consult with your peers and your instructor for input. This section is due at the end of Module 3. 6. Results and Discussion: Propose a way (or ways) of analyzing the data you wish to collect to test your hypothesis. This should be a relatively brief section and should be followed by a Discussion section that addresses possible outcomes, their meanings, and how they would inform our understanding of the topic. These sections are due at the end of Module 5. 7. Draft paper and peer review: Using the feedback, you have been given to date, combine all elements of your paper into a single document and upload by the end of Module 6. During Module 7 you will read a selection each other’s’ papers and provide one another with feedback. A peer-review form will be made available for your use in this task. 8. Final proposal: The final paper will include all sections of the paper including the title page, abstract, literature review with hypothesis, method section, project results, discussion, references, and any measures that you plan to include (as appendices). The final proposal should include application.

I have completed three article rewiews that I will give the tutor

My topic is how teen victimization related to teen depression.

I need a hypotheses and final paper.

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