One short articShould we be worried about “superbugs” like MRSA and Antibiotic Resistant Tuberculosis, biology homework help

Part A:

Discuss the prompt below:

“Should we be worried about “superbugs” like MRSA and Antibiotic Resistant Tuberculosis? Why or why not?”

Clearly state your viewpoint and find one article beyond anything that has been assigned in Bio 10 that supports your viewpoint to post here.

5 points for stating your viewpoint, posting a hyperlink for one REPUTABLE article (not already used by Bio 10) that supports your viewpoint.

Part B:

Begin by watching the TEDed video here:

Then answer the following:

-What impact does your sunscreen choice have on ocean organisms, especially those in the coral reefs?

-What is the difference between a chemical based sunscreen and an physical sunscreen?

-Name at least one of the sunscreen ingredients you want to avoid when choosing a sunscreen.

Part C:

Watch the film Sharkwater and answer the questions below. The film, Sharkwater by filmmaker Rob Stewart is available on Amazon (Movie rental) and Netflix. You can also view a free version, albeit lower quality here (p.s. this video doesn’t start until 30 seconds in):

  1. Fill in the blanks: ________ worlds surface is water, ________of world’s biodiversity is in the ocean
  2. How long have sharks been on the planet?
  3. Specifically describe how sharks influence the oceans. How does the ocean ecosystem benefit?
  4. How does the media portray sharks?
  5. How many more senses do sharks have than people?
  6. Who attacks more people ? Sharks or Crocodiles?
  7. True or False: During a shark attack, it is normal for a shark to eat parts/an entire human
  8. Who is Paul Watson?
  9. What was the eventual outcome of Rob’s journey? Did he make a difference? If so, how?
  10. What needs to be done in order to save sharks? Be specific.
  11. Using an internet search, what is Rob Stewart up to now? Is he working on any new conservation projects? If so, what?
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