Need Worked Out Solutions to Physics Questions

Hi there, I have to study for my Physics final exam and I need someone to write out the steps and process involved in answering each question in each of the 4 documents. The answers are given at the end of each practice test but not the steps.

For calculation based questions, please write out the formulas and the calculations so that I can follow the process along with reasoning behind each step.

For conceptual questions, please explain why the answer is so in really simple terms so that I can understand.

I would like to have all this by Sunday – May 3, 2015 at  9:00 am EST.

1. Sample Final – Spring 2013.pdf 

2. Spring 2004 Final Exam.doc 

3. Spring 2006 Final Exam.doc

4.  Spring 2007 Final Exam.rtf 

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