Mangerial Epidemiology

  1. Using T2D (type 2 diabetes) statistics, compare the rates in the U.S. to the rates in the state of TN.

Epidemiology in a Global Setting” Please respond to the following:

1. Analyze the practice of epidemiology in the U.S. as compared to Third World countries in general. Suggest at least two (2) steps to improve the practice of epidemiology in Third World countries. Provide rationale for your suggestions.

2. Evaluate the cost effectiveness of using epidemiologic principles as a prophylactic measure, as opposed to a lack of health oversight in disadvantaged communities.

Epidemiology as a Social Science” Please respond to the following:

1. Analyze the concepts of psychosocial, behavioral, and social epidemiology, and integrate these concepts into a positive predictor formula for a healthy community. Recommend at least two (2) steps in a promulgated plan to disseminate this information to your community.

2. Based on your analysis from the previous discussion, suggest which of the two (2) concepts from psychosocial, behavioral, and social epidemiology has the most impact on the future of health care in the U.S. Provide support for your suggestion.

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