Make a review of the work

Description: The conclusion of a research paper is a FORMAL and comprehensive discussion about the research findings and how it is relevant to both the scientific community and the general population. It also includes recommendations for further investigations and in this assignment legislative intervention. By including other events, policy and using your data a clear position on your proposed intervention is supported. It concludes with a summarize paragraph that links all concepts throughout the paper together in a compelling argument that is reinforced by the ample scientific evidence in your paper.

Conclusion Page Requirement: 3-5 pages

  • A detailed summary of your results
    • Do you accept or reject your hypothesis? Support this with your data
  • Assign meaning to your results as it relates to your
    • Colleagues
      • Explain how your research contributed to the scientific community
    • The environment
    • The general public
  • Suggested legislative changes (must include one)
    • Other benefiting factors if your recommendations are honored
  • Compare to other countries or areas and their legislating, policy and rates of an illness
  • Use other corroborating research, events and examples to support of your findings and position on the topic
  • Compare and contrast research, events, opinions and examples that are not supportive of your findings.
    • Discuss why these are incorrect according to your research
  • Current events / policy related to your topic that is supportive of your recommendation
  • Current events / policy related to your topic that are not supportive of your recommendation
  • Final recommendations and summary
    • Organically include how this is related nursing

*This is not a template!!!!!! Your paper will include these elements but in an order that is logical to your unique information. It must be written in a way that has fluidity and cohesion.

Abstract Page Requirements: ½ – 1 page

This section is the first portion of the paper but it is written last. It is a complete summary of the entire paper and contains the most important pieces of information from each section of the paper (lit review, materials, methods, results and conclusion). The writing of this piece need to be efficient and streamed lone because it is how readers decide if the remaining paper is worth reading.

  • Lit review: 2-5 sentences
  • Methods/Materials: 2-5 sentences
  • Results 2-5: sentences
  • Conclusion: 2- 5 sentences
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