Important of Folic Acid

This assignment should be written as a 4-6 page scholarly paper excluding title page and references (do not just provide an outline). APA form and style are expected to be followed, including the correct use of in-text citations and references

RESEARCH QUESTION: What is the association between folic acid supplementation and occurrence of neural tube disorders (NTDs) between women ages 20-35Background (one page maximum)Statistics and information about the health outcome/disease(s)Statistics and information about the exposure/risk factor(s)Brief discussion of possible connection between exposure(s) and outcome(s) and justification for the studyTarget population and sample sizeDescription of target population and sampleInclusion and exclusion criteriaThe sampling strategy to be usedSample size considerations (how large of a sample do you need and why)Recruitment (primary data collection) or data selection (secondary data) strategiesIf collecting your own data, describe:How you will find and contact potential participants (where, when, with what method)The type of data collection method to be used (e.g., online survey)How many times participants will be contacted and by what methodIf using secondary data (an existing database), describe:The procedures used for recruitment, participation, and data collection by the owners of the database (i.e., how were the data in the database collected?)How you will gain access to the datasetSelection biasesDescription of potential selection bias concerns (i.e., how representative your sample will be of the larger population)Discussion of strategies you will use to minimize selection bias in your study

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