ICD 10 Medical Coding Pathways


This Lab Activity is a continuation of the Alphabetic Index Coding Lab Activity. Therefore, use answers from the previous Lab Activity and look them up in the ICD 10 CM Tabular List.

Instructions for the Lab Activity:

  • You will need to use the Tabular List only in your ICD 10 CM code book to do this assignment.
  • Put answers in a Word Document next to the corresponding number in the Lab Activity.
  • Make sure you match all the specifics in the documentation to the code description.
  • Below are the same diagnosis that you coded in the previous Lab Activity. Take the codes you found in the Alphabetic Index and now look them up in the Tabular List. Check to see if the code you got from the Alphabetic Index is the most specific code or if a code with more specificity is needed. Usually the code is exactly the same, but some can be slightly different is more specificity is needed.
  1. Acute cystitis with hematuria.
  2. Lipoma of the subcutaneous tissue of the right leg.
  3. Cellulitis of the right eyelid.
  4. Congenital iodine deficiency syndrome, mixed type.
  5. Candidiasis of the skin of abdomen, NEC. (NEC will be found in the abbreviations in your code book conventions.)
  6. Whooping cough due to pertussis (Bordetella) with pneumonia.
  7. Olecranon bursitis of the left elbow
  8. Guillain Barre Syndrome
  9. Acute Respiratory Failure with hypoxia
  10. Chronic pancreatitis, recurrent.

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