Herpes Zoster

Herpes Zoster

instructions from my professor:

Pick a Topic from the list of Diseases discussed (I picked Herpes Zoster (Shingles). You are to do a PowerPoint presentation using the following headings below.

Present a typical patient with this disease process and how they would present to the office and how you would work up, diagnose, and treat.

Pictures and or other visual media are encouraged. You will be graded on professionalism and content.

Minimum of 15, Maximum of 20 slides and minimum 15 Minutes and maximum 20 minutes presentation.

Slides must be colorful and professional, use of pictures, charts, graphs, and other enhancements to make the presentation better are encouraged.

(No slide transition animations please)

All presentations will be submitted into Turn it in, so please make sure that all work is of your own, no recycling past student presentations or copy-paste from the internet should be allowed and it will be considered an academic dishonesty.

Presentations must include a Slides with the following information.

·       TITLE (slide 1)

·       DESCRIPTION (Patient information) (slide 2 etc. and so on)


·       ETIOLOGY



·       HISTORY



·       TESTS




NOTE: please follow my professor instructions exactly as assigment.

plagiarism is not tolerated.

I attached these instructions with highlight points and also an example pptx my professor sent as a.                   guide.

between 15 and 20 slides.

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