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Assignment: BoilingandMeltingPoints Exploration


  1. Looking attheline plotson your graph,describe how boiling pointand melting pointvary with respect to atomicnumber.

  1. Now look atthesegment ofthegraph betweenthetwodatapointsmarked withblack squares. Describe how theboiling pointand melting pointplotsbehave betweenthesepoints.Beas specific as possible.

  1. On your graph,thedatapointsbetweentheblack squares are dataforelementswith atomic numbers 3 through9. Locatetheseelementson your periodic table.Whattermor description would you use toidentifytheseelementswithrespect totheperiodic table?

  1. Now look atthegreen lines you createdby connectingthethreeboiling pointdatapointsand thethreemeltingpointdatapoints.Foreach oftheselines,describe any trendsyou see.

  1. Locatetheelementson your periodic tablethatyou circled in green on your graph.Whatterm or description would you use toidentifytheseelementswithrespect totheperiodic table?

  1. After reviewing your answers to questions 2 and 4 above, would you define boiling point and melting pointas a periodic tablefamilytrend(verticalgroups),period trend (horizontalrows),or neither?Explainyour answer.

  1. Using theroom temperatureline (orange line) and your periodic table,make liststhatidentify thestate ofmatter(gas,liquid,or solid) in which each elementyou plottedexists atroom temperature.Explainyour answers.

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