HCI College Negative Effects of Alcohol on The Body

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Use comparison and contrast in writing based on purpose and intended audience


In this reaction and response assignment, you explore the process of comparing and contrasting.


A two-page (500-word) paper

Step 1Write a paper.

In a two-page (500-word) paper, construct a comparison and contrast essay that incorporates one of the following guidelines:

  • Compare online to on-ground education.
  • Compare a book you’ve read to the movie adaptation (such as Lord of the Rings, A.I., or The Color Purple).
  • Compare parenting styles.
  • Choose your own topic. The topic should be approved by your instructor.

Consider what your topic has to offer your reader. Why should this comparison be interesting and/or relevant to your audience?

Step 1: In a one to two page paper, discuss the negative effects that Alcohol can have can have body.

  • Include 4 negative side effects

Step 2: Save and submit your paper

  • After you complete the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit to your instructor using the dropbox.
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