Grantham University CPT Appendices & CPT Symbols Exercise

Basic Procedure Coding Systems – Week 1 Assignment

Exercise 8.5 & 8.6 – CPT Appendices & CPT Symbols

Type your answers and submit them to the dropbox for grading.

Exercise 8.5 – CPT Appendices

Match the appendix with its description. Answers may be assigned more than once.

1.Contains a list of add-on codes identified throughout CPT with a + symbol

2.Contains a list of CPT modifiers and detailed descriptions

3.Contains a list of codes that are exempt from modifier -63

4.Contains a list of vascular families to assist in the determination of first-, second-, third-, and beyond third-order branches of arteries

5.Contains CPT codes that may be used for synchronous telemedicine services

6.Contains added, deleted, and revised CPT codes

7.Contains codes for MAAA procedures

8.Contains an alphabetic clinical topics listing at the AMA website, which includes performance measures

9.Contains an electrodiagnostic medicine listing of sensory, motor, and mixed nerves

10.Contains clinical examples for codes in the E/M section

11.Contains codes for vaccine products that are pending FDA approval

12.Contains codes that are exempt from modifier -51 reporting rules and that are identified with a

13.Formerly contained genetic testing modifiers

14.Contains a crosswalk of resequenced codes that are identified with a # symbol

15.Contains a crosswalk of deleted and renumbered CPT codes

a.Appendix A

b.Appendix B

c.Appendix C

d.Appendix D

e.Appendix E

f.Appendix F

g.Appendix H

h.Appendix I

i.Appendix J

j.Appendix K

k.Appendix L

l.Appendix M

m.Appendix N

n.Appendix O

o.Appendix P

Exercise 8.6 – CPT Symbols

Match the symbol with its description

1.Identifies a code that may be used for synchronous telemedicine services

2.Identifies add-on codes

3.Identifies codes that are exempt from modifier -51

4.Identifies codes that classify products pending FDA approval

5.Identifies new procedures and services added to CPT

6.Identifies revised code descriptions

7.Refers coders to Clinical Examples in Radiology newsletter

8.Indicates an out-of-numeric sequence code

9.Refers coders to CPT Assistant newsletter and/or CPT Changes: An Insider’s View annual publication of coding changes for current year

10.Indicates a reinstated or recycled code in Category III of CPT


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