Function Points assignment, engineering homework help

You are assigned to support the size estimation of another wireless communications product.  You have analyzed the requirements and collected the following data:

10 simple outputs 5 simple interfaces 4 simple output inquiries
7 average outputs 7 average interfaces 11 average output inquiries
12 complex outputs 8 complex interfaces 10 complex output inquiries
6 simples files 14 average inputs 5 simple input inquiries
10 average files  6 complex inputs 8 average input inquiries
4 complex files 12 complex input inquiries


     All environmental factors are average except as follows:  data communications is significant; performance objectives, operational ease, and multiple site use are strong throughput; and the program manager wants 50% of the code designed for reuse for another project expected to start shortly after completion of this project.

1)  Compute the adjusted function point total.

2)  Compute the equivalent lines of code in Graphic Icon languages. 

Show your work.  

You should upload a Word or PDF document containing your work.

Attached is the Pwoer points slides to help to do the work.

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