Forensic Mental Health: The Insanity Defense

Forensic Mental Health: The Insanity Defense


The insanity defense generally relates to those considered to not be of a sound mind at the time that they commit their offense. This assignment will explore different aspects of the insanity defense.


From recent news publications, select two individuals with mental health issues who were involved in a forensic mental health situation, or who could have been involved given the circumstances surrounding the incident. Focus on citing information from news articles for this assignment.

Describe an appropriate claim for each situation found in the news articles (for example, competency to stand trial, insanity).Describe the clues from the news articles that might indicate a mental impairment in both cases.Describe how a forensic evaluator, would determine whether the legal criteria for an insanity defense were met in both cases.Describe the relationship between mental health and the legal system, using news articles as references.Describe the ethical concerns involved in both cases in the news articles.

Special Instructions:

Create a 2 page essay in APA format according to the instructions above. Use 2 current news articles for references. Utilize in-text citations.

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