Final Project Criteria to meet: Organization, science homework help

Write 15 to 16 pages not including the title page or references and a power point slide too.

Criteria to meet: Organization – strive for well developed paragraphs, smooth transitions between paragraphs, ideas focused on a central theme. Development – strive for Ideas focused on a central theme, all ideas are clearly presented. Conventions – strive for no errors in sentence structure (capitalization, grammar, presentation and general structure.) APA Style – strive for correct cover page, in text citations, format and reference page have no errors.

When submitting the outline make sure your name is on the paper and your respective responsibilities for the project are outlined.

Every thing you need to know regarding this project is in the attached document. This is the same document in week 1.

Please see grading rubric titled “written rubric” under the Rubric/ Grading Criteria.

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