1.  Each person must prepare a three to five-page research paper on their extinct/endangered animals (single-spaced, 12 pt. font, Ariel).  Limit five pages.  

2.  Prepare one powerpoint slide with a picture of your animal, name, and a few interesting facts from what you found in your research.  Upload into dropbox separately from paper. Some of this information will be included on the last exam.

You can use photographs, charts, drawing, etc. in your paper.  Make sure you include the  following information in your paper. 

    a. Photo of animal and its scientific name

    b. Where they live?

    c. Its habitat, feeding habits, interesting facts

d. Why is it in danger or almost extinct or extinct? List anything that is being done to protect the animal species.

    e. How many are left? if any?

f. For the extinct animal, tell why it went extinct, if the reason is known, and when extinction occurred?

    g. How would/did its extinction affect the environment?

    h. List your references (you need at least three references)


3. You will be graded on the following:

a. Overall organization and thoroughness of the paper.  Interesting facts, pictures, Powerpoint slide

  b. Flow of paper.
  c. Rubric will be posted. 

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