epidemiology methods

epidemiology methods

Paper Outline Assignment Guidelines

Developing your Topic and Headings of the Paper


Do your research on epidemiology methods

You are encouraged to choose research problems relevant to your own research interests and activities related to public health field of study.

Note: In this assignment, only submit an outline and references in APA format. You must have short summaries under the headings but do not submit the entire paper. In the Final Paper, you will explore in detail the research approaches discussed in the course, applying it in the context of a specific application or methodological study. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the topic of your choice and gain experience in translating these ideas into practice.

When reading an article use the PECO to analyze the paper:

· P – Population being study

· E – Exposure (what)

· C – Control

· O- outcome


Outline for final paper

The final draft of this paper will be due in the final week of the session. To help with the preparation, submit a one- to two-page outline containing the following headings, and include a summary of what will be discussed under each heading:

· Topic.

· Statement of the problem.

· Review of the Literature.

· Conclusion.

Find one to five relevant research articles which:

· Support the importance of your problem,

· Discuss previous work on epidemiology/modeling/analysis in the area, and

· Cover technical aspects of the methods from class.

At least three of your articles must be peer-reviewed, full-text articles from scholarly journals.

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