engineering Computers and Operations Research

engineering Computers and Operations Research

i want to get a a summarize of the research . the topic is Computers and Operations Research, so the research does not to be more than 10 pages.and it should have one problem solve.  


here is the forma of the summarize what should look like.   

Literature Critique Format:

The literature critique is a brief summary of an article from a ‘refereed’ journal.  Critiques must be word-processed, single spaced and at most one page.  Also, you must have a minimum margin size of 0.75 inch and a maximum margin size of 1inch on all sides (i.e., where the top, left and rights sides are basically even) of your submitted assignment.  Occasionally, your article may not fully reach the bottom margin due to the writing of your summary; thus, if this occurs, you must not leave more than a 1.5” margin at the bottom in any case.  If necessary, write a longer summary!  Minimum acceptable font size is 10 pt and the maximum is 12 pt.  In the final paragraph, briefly discuss one point or idea from the article that really made you think or really impressed you.  Only the last paragraph can be written from the first person point of view, but not in any other location of the literature critique should 1st or 3rd person be used.  See my posted critique for an example of this.

A proper bibliographic reference MUST appear at the top of the paper.  Although many reference styles exist, the only style that will be accepted in this class is the APA-style as shown below:

First Author’s Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial., & Second Author’s Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial. (year of publication). Title of the article with only the first letter of the first word in title or sub-title as well as proper nouns and acronyms are capitalized.  Name of Journal in Italics, volume in italics(issue number in parenthesis and not in italics if known), first page number-last page number.

the last thing i want you to send me the summarize and the original research  

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