Drug use, Smoking, or BAC

Drug use, Smoking, or BAC

Drug use, Smoking, or BAC.

Select ONLY ONE question listed below to write an essay for this week’s discussion forum.

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Drug use, Smoking, or BAC
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1. Differentiate among drug misuse, drug abuse, and drug dependence.

2. The health consequences of secondhand smoke have been well documented. Do you feel that smoking bans in public places are fair to all citizens? Explain your answer.

3. What is BAC? Describe the general sequence of physiological events that takes place when a person drinks alcohol at a rate faster than the liver can oxidize it. Why?



Initial Response: Initial responses should be no less than 200 words in length not including your reference(s) and supported by at least two references. APA fo

Drug use, Smoking, or BAC

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