dissertation of ‘risk assessment on hydraulic fracturing’

Am well engineer student doing my bachelor year, looking to do my dissertation which is about risk assessment on hydraulic fracturing technique.

My aims are:

a.  To study, analyse and evaluate all associated risks with hydraulic fracturing technique globally and locally.

b.  To develop a proper hydraulic fracturing risk assessment and management plan with the least environment risk.

My Objective of Study:

In order to achieve the above aims, the study have following objectives

a.  Review, analyse, and synthesizes information related to the impacts of hydraulic fracturing on underground water

b.  Assess the risks of hydraulic fracturing

c.  Study the effect equipment and chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing on the environment

d.  Compare the risks caused by different types of hydraulic fracturing

e.  Review similar risk assessment plans in the same topic

f.  Statistical analyses of different types of impacts of Hydraulic fracturing on the environment

The dissertation should contain below details:

* what is the fracking technique:

Ø  Details about the technique, details on mixing chemicals which been use, in which kind of wells they use this technique, the parameters and details of pressure been used to apply the mixing in the well, details of how they get the mixture back from the well.

Ø  What are the most countries use this technique, what are the advantages of using it.

Ø  What are the risks of the technique?

** The name of the risk, how its occurs in details.

Chapter two: literature review:

1.  Discuss at least 7 literature reviews which covers some scientists who write about the different risks of fracking in different countries.

2.  Why this risk occurs in some wells more than others, and some causes more impact in the environment more than others. Is it depending on the well itself, formation or the chemical used.

Chapter three: methodology:

Ø  Review and analyse three case studies which had a huge impact in the humans and environment.

Ø  Study and analyse some risk assessment and management plan, find the gaps on it, so later we can modify the gabs with better solutions.

Chapter four: finding and data analysis:

The result of all research.

Chapter five: conclusion and recommendation:

To take advantage of the gaps in the old risk assessment plans and make new plan management with least risk as possible. and find out some other solution.

the information above only gives you some clues on what the dissertation should contains, but of course, you have to add much more information to reach to the aim which is appropriate risk plan. however its should be minimum 7000 wards and maximum 9000 wards. it should contain all dissertation requirements such as: thanks letter, and the index shouldn’t look like a table but it should be as we can press on it and directly it will open. The reference should not be less than 25 and it should be divided into categories, i mean you have to write :

* Books: (then list all the books reference)

* articles: ( list all the articles reference)

* journals: ( list all the journals reference)


and in every category the reference should be in order of alphabet.

the reference should follow the Harvard style.

 i would like it to be ready on 31 of January which is on Tuesday.

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