Disease and Adaptation in the human body Discussion

PART 1: THESIS PARAGRAPH (SEPARATE FROM ESSAY) (attached will be an example)

A working title for your paper, your 6-8 sentence theme paragraph, including a 1-2 sentence thesis statement, and a complete Works Cited page in APA or MLA style

PART 2: (ACTUAL ESSAY) (attached will be an example)
Topic 1- Disease and Adaptation : How are human health and disease linked to ecological, technological and social development, from hunting and gathering, to agriculture and domestication, to complex civilizations, such as ancient Greece and Rome? What epidemiological transitions accompanied these stages of social and cultural development?

Suggested Readings : (readings will be attached below)
William H. McNeill. Man the Hunter. Plagues and Peoples. Garden City, NY: Anchor Books, 1998.
Ann McElroy & Patricia K. Townsend.The Ecology of Health and Disease. Medical Anthropology in Ecological Perspective. 6thed.Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2015. T
George J Armelagos, Peter J. Brown & Bethany Turner. Evolutionary, Historical and Political Economic Perspectives on Health and Disease, Social Science and Medicine,61, 755-765, 2005.
Ann McElroy & Patricia K. Townsend. Changing Population and Environmental Hazards Throughout Human History. Medical Anthropology in Ecological Perspective, 6thed. Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2015. T
William H. McNeill. Breakthrough to History. Plagues and Peoples. Garden City, NY: Anchor Books, 1998.
David Christian. Intensification and the Origins of Agriculture. Maps of Time: An Introduction to Big History. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2011.

Evaluation Criteria for Brief Essays*
Evidence of originality and independent thought
Overall interest and importance of questions and issues raised
Comparison among five or more assigned readings
Clear, concise, accurate summary of studies
Use of data from four specific chapters of the class texts (T) to examine issues
Evidence of the use of the knowledge, experience, expertise of peers
Use of experiential data to examine issues
Use of lectures to examine issues
Use of other data (Internet, current events, recommended readings) to examine issues
Formulation of new questions or ideas for future work
Clarity, logic, coherence
Writing, style, grammar
*One rewrite permitted if assignment is turned in and discussed in class on this date. For each paper, provide a Works Cited page with a complete listing of all sources used, and cite each source within the text using a standard style guide.

Guidelines for Written Work Understanding of the MaterialsClarity of PresentationOrganization and CoherenceTechnical AccuracyCitation in Text and on Works Cited

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