Discussion Board 2

This is my chart.

Day 1



Lights – 5hours

Computers – 3hours

TV – 6 hours

Heating – off and on for entire day at 70 F

Drove to and from work (20 mins)

Cooking (1 hour)

Day 2



Lights – 6hours

Computers- 3 hours

TV – 6 hours

Heating – off and on for entire day at 70F

Drove to and from work and went to visit friends (2 hours)

Cooking (30mins)

Day 3



Lights – 7 hours

Computers- 6 hours

TV – 10 hours

Heating – off and on for entire day at 75 F

Laundry – wash and dry

Ran errands and drove to visit family (2.5 hours)

Cooking (1 hour)

3- day cost estimate (optional)

Divide monthly bills (30-day cost) by 10 to get an average




Once you have prepared your chart, you can look for ways to lessen your energy usage. Could you program your thermostat to go down to 63 F while no one is in the house? Do you leave TVs on all night? Does your TV have a timer to turn off automatically? Could you carpool, or do some of your errands on the way home from work so as to not have to make a separate trip? Could you combine your laundry and do it 1 day, saving electricity and water? Do you use incandescent light bulbs that could be exchanged for florescent or LED bulbs?

Remember, this is just a sample chart to get you thinking. You need to insert your household’s energy usage and customize this table as needed.

Save your chart, and present it with 300-500 words containing the following information:

  • Which primary energy source does your electric company use to generate electricity (coal, nuclear, renewables, etc.)?
    • Cite the source for this information.
  • What changes could you make to decrease your energy use?
  • What changes could you make to increase your energy efficiency?
  • Which changes will be most difficult for you to implement? Why do you think so?
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