Define the following terms, unit operation, unit process, hardness, assignment help

  1. Define the following terms:
    1. Unit Operation
    2. Unit Process
    3. Hardness
    4. Destabilization
    5. Coagulation
    6. Flocculation
    7. Sedimentation
    8. Settling
    9. Filtration
    10. Granular media
    11. Disinfection
    12. Sterilization
    13. Disinfectant
    14. Coagulant Aid
    15. Coagulant
    16. Floc
    17. Colloidal particles
    18. Alum
    19. Polymers
    20. Water softening
    21. Chemical precipitation
    22. Headlloss
    23. Clogging
    24. Filter Backwash
    25. Human enteric pathogens
    26. Clean Water Act (CWA)
    27. THM
    28. Safe Drinking Water Standards
  1. How do we select the type of water treatment technologies we will use?
  2. What does the degree of water treatment depend on?
  3. What does a conventional surface water treatment plant flow diagram look like?
  4. How does coagulation/ flocculation work?
  5. What can be used as coagulant?
  6. What are coagulant aids? What are they used for? How do we know how much to add?
  7. What causes water to be hard?
  8. What types of problems are associated with Hard water?
  9. What is water softening? How is it achieved?
  10. How does Sedimentation reactor work?
  11. How does filtration work?
  12. Why do filters need to be backwashed?
  13. What are the categories of human enteric pathogens?
  14. What is the common disinfectant used for water treatment?
  15. What are alternative water disinfectants?
  16. What are the pros and cons of alternative water disinfectants?
  17. How do water disinfectants work, what are the mechanisms?
  18. What is Chlorine Residual? How much chlorine residual is provided at the furthest tap in the system?
  19. What are disinfection by products (DBPs)? How do they form?
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