Clinical Scenario, biology homework help

write about 400 to 500 words by answering this questions:

Clinical Scenario

Mrs Wellcase is 53 years old and feeling very fatigued lately. In addition, she has developed a greater sensitivity to the cold and experienced unexplained weight gain, depression, muscle aches, and dry, pale skin. She started exercising in an attempt to try to lose the weight, but this activity increased the fatigue she felt. After some persuasion from her children, she visits the doctor. Her doctor orders some blood tests to check Mrs Wellcase’s hormone levels.


1. Which hormones could potentially be causing the problem?

When Mrs Wellcase’s blood test results are returned, they reveal that she has low T3 and T4 levels and elevated TRH and TSH levels. Upon further testing, the doctor determines that her immune system is attacking an organ and impairing its ability to function properly.

2. Which other symptoms could she develop?

3. Which organ is having difficulty?

4. Is the condition life threatening? If so, why?

5. At the cellular level, where are the receptors for this hormone found?

6. What are the concentrations of hormone receptors in the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary gland?

7. After she undergoes treatment for her disease, predict what should happen to Mrs Wellcase’s blood concentrations of TRH and TSH.

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