Chapter 1 from Pacey’s book, The Culture of Technology , reflection assignment help

do not use the labrepot team 11 for this, this diffrent 

Read Chapter 1 from Pacey’s book, The Culture of Technology (the pdf is saved as an attachment).  After reading this, think about your stove design project and how you considered cultural and organizational aspects in your design. Discuss at least two specific examples of how you incorporated cultural and/or organizational aspects in your design.  If you did not meaningfully include cultural or organizational aspects in your design, think of specific times when you could have considered these and how these would have improved your final stove design. At the end of the reflection, explain why you think it is important for engineers to include cultural and organization aspects when engaging in design.

Submission Guidelines:

  • You have one page to formulate a well-structured answer to the above question (1 inch margin around, 12 pt Times New Roman, 1.0 line spacing). The attached assignment (word document) can be used as a template.  Do not include the question text in this page.

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