case report assignment


In this assignment, learners are required to write a case report addressing the personal knowledge and skills gained in the current course and potentially solving an identified practice problem.


For a specific focus of patient practice (e.g., acute care hospital, clinic, primary care, long-term care, home health), select a particular disease process. Identify and fully describe the required technology elements that will be involved in providing care and define how these technologies will integrate treatment and/or monitoring from the identified care setting to the home and then to ongoing care.

Your case report must include the following:

  1. Introduction with a problem statement
  2. Brief literature review
  3. Description of the case/situation/conditions
  4. Discussion that includes a detailed explanation of the synthesized literature findings
  5. Summary of the case
  6. Proposed solutions
  7. Conclusion

For this assignment, maybe it’s best to use the acute care setting like a hospital. This will be easier because hospitals use the latest technology to care for patients. You can you COPD for the disease process as this disease is most commonly seen re admitted in the hospital. 5 to 7pages

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