Case Presentation COPD/Emphysema, health and medicine homework help

Case Presentation Rubric for Grading Scale

·  APA STYLE Presentation

·  Power Point Presentations with 16-18 slides

1. Introduction

a.  Patient Identifying Data: 

White Female 57 y/o

b.  Chief Complaint/ Reason for Visit: 

Back pain with difficulty breathing

2. Subjective Data

a.  History of present illness (HPI)

·  X-smoker of 3 packs daily now smokes 5-6 cigarettes a day (trying to quit), oxygen at home, on hospice care, walker to ambulate, pursed breathing, chronic pain  

b.  Past Medical History: 

·  COPD, emphysema, GERD, Anxiety, Resp Distress

c.  Family History

d.  Surgical History Denies

e.  Allergies: NKA

f.  Health Maintenance: 

Flu vaccine 8/15, pneumonia vaccine: 9/05

g.  Medications

 (duoneb, flexeril 10, lorazepam 1, famotidine 20, prednisone 5, voltaren)

h.  e. Review of Systems

3. Objective Data

a.  Physical Examination (pertinent to positives)

b.  Chart Review of Past Health Visits

c.  Lab/ diagnostics tests

4. Diagnosis/ Differential Diagnosis

·  List in DESCENDING priority, the 3 most appropriate differential diagnoses

5. Treatment/ Management

a.  Pharmacological

b.  Non-Pharmacological

c.  Consultation or Referral if indicated

d.  Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

e.  Lifestyle Modifications

f.  Interpretation of Lab, imaging or special testing

g.  Patient/ Family Education included in plan of care

6. Evaluation of Management Plan and Outcome (10 points)

 Incorporate the findings of 2 journal articles to support or refute findings in the above listed sections. Journal articles must be within last 5 years. (Cochrane, Cinahl or Medline Review)

7. Research Findings ONE additional article must be related to a research study on the topic. For example, the use of a CT angiogram vs. MRI for evaluation of DVT.

8. Role of the Nurse Practitioner

·  Specific to the patient being discussed. For example: A patient placed on Metformin needs education on diet modifications including drug-drug or food-drug interaction, educational teachings.

9. Ethical, legal and Cultural / Religious Considerations

·  Specific to patient being discussed Example: Legal- reporting abuse, Religious- Not accepting transfusion or decision to for chosen treatment plan.

10. Risk Analysis Risk vs. benefits of treatment

11. Reference page

·  articles must be within 5 years

·  Total of 3 articles—NO Book references.

12.  APA style

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