Blog assignment:

Blog assignment:


Blog assignment:

In Week 7, we focus on the marginalized in our community. Complete the  Homeless Webquest – developed by Denise Foster, PhD, RN  and post your answers to the following questions by Sunday, at 11:59 PM. No responses to peers due this week.

Follow this link to the  Homeless Webquest – developed by Denise Foster, PhD, RN .   After completing the WebQuest, return to this section of Brightspace and click on the Add Attachments link below to upload a Word document.  The Word document should have your evaluation of the web sources and answer all the questions below.

1) Do the web sources paint a valid picture of the homeless?

2) Are the web sources valid and non-biased?

3) Which sources are considered scholarly resources?

4) Give specific examples of the scholarly resources.

5) Which sources are grey literature?

6) Give specific examples of the grey literature.

7) Which sources are not scholarly or grey literature?

8) Give specific examples of the resources which are neither scholarly nor grey literature.

9) Explain how each of these examples has contributed to your knowledge and attitudes related to the homeless.

Challenge your thinking.

10) After completing the WebQuest, has your opinion about the homeless individuals changed?

11) If so, how did it change? If not, provide rationale.

12) Suggest at least two community interventions relating to homelessness.

13) Are there examples of these interventions in our area? Identify and describe the services they offer.

Submit your Blog as instructed above by Sunday at 11:59 PM.

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