Applying and Sharing Evidence, health and medicine homework help

  • After the data have been analyzed, conclusions are made regarding what the findings mean. Then, this information must be shared with your healthcare team.

For the particular PICO question such as does hand washing among Nurses reduce hospital acquired infections?, where

P-hospital acquired infections, nurses

I-hand washing

C-no hand washing; other solutions

O-reduced infection

I would choose quantitative research where I can use population, intervention, comparison, and outcomes.Yes, it is very similar to Picot question. That’s why I think it would be the best choice. For research design -experimental method. Based on the lesson 3 ” The research question may form a hypothesis that describes the relationship among variables and the direction that the relationship may take.” What is the effectiveness of using alcohol-based solution in hand hygiene in reducing hospital acquired infections compared to routine soap and water hand washing. i think that would be a clinical question.

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