Applications of Epidemiology Case Study

Tennessee is my state to reference for DOH portion.

Here are some key pointers that I will be looking for when I am grading your case studies/assignments in the course.

1. A cover page

2. A reference page

3. An abstract/introductory title including a label that says “abstract” or an “introductory title of the paper”. (see note)

4. A summary (conclusion) section including a label that says “summary (or conclusion)”.

5. Correct formatting of your paper, and paragraphs (keep your paragraphs consistent including the length between your sentences).

6. Regarding the writing length the class writings assignments are is which is indicated in the directions for your assignment, you must write a full amount of those pages (the page count excludes the reference page and the coverpage). You will get points off if you fail this requirement.

7. Your references must be correctly formatted (both in page and in-text).

8. You must follow all guidelines when using references for in-text (please see the purdue owl website for directions) and for your reference page. If there are some references that are not formatted in a list of formatted references in your paper, then it will be assumed that you did not follow directions and points will be taken off.

9. Make sure you please read the directions for the writing assignment, many of your “possible” questions will be answered there and on your syllabus.

10. Please make sure to have a running head and your headers

11. NOTE: Abstract is recommended (it only makes a part of a page), but for completing the page requirements for the paper you will still need to make sure you have at least the of pages of writing that the paper stipulates.

12. Please follow the page length requirements that the paper asks, from top to bottom, points will be taken off if you do not meet this requirement.

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