answer the following questions

answer the following questions

Module 1.1: Psychologist’s Goals

. (pgs. 1-15) text book: Kalat, J.W. (2016). Introduction to Psychology (11 th Ed.).

What is psychology?

What does the study of psychology allow you to do? What does it not allow you to do?

What are the three general statements used to describe principles of psychology?

What is Free Will? What is Determinism? How does each affect the study of psychology?

What is the Mind-Body Problem? How does it influence the field of psychology?

Describe the issue of Nature versus Nurture. How do you think it affects the field of psychology?

Describe each of the following career paths in psychology. Be sure to include a description of how each

path uses psychology in their work.

Clinical Psychologist



Clinical Social Worker

Counseling Psychologist

Forensic Psychologist

Industrial/Organizational Psychologist

Human Factors Specialist

Military Psychologist

School Psychologist

Developmental Psychologist

Learning and Motivation Psychologist

Cognitive Psychologist

Behavioral Neuroscientist

Evolutionary Psychologist

Social Psychologist

Cross-Cultural Psychologist

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