Analysis of Thin Walled Cylinder, engineering homework help

(Mechanical) (Design)


analyse the design specification involved in a thin walled cylinder by using ANSYS or any other simulation.


  • To calculate the stresses in an open (pipe) and closed (pressure vessels) conditions
  • To compare the stress results

require 2 type of analysis by using ANSYS for three materials ( Iron, Aluminium & Copper)

  • Static Analysis as pressure vessel (3D)
  • CFD analysis as a pipeline(3D or 2D)

Von Mises stress ( module Picture)
Displacement ( module Picture)

Comparison to be made for the above results with published result (Google) to select the best material

SPECIFICATIONS: for the above analysis

  • Thickness = 3 mm
  • Radius = 37 mm
  • Length = 300 mm
  • Internal Pressure = 30 bar max


The guidelines below indicate the format which the Project Report must comply with. Please read this carefully.

The Project Report must be neatly typed using any word processing software package.

The length of the main body text should be between 10,000 and 14,000 words for Final Report.

o Paper: White A4 sheet, . Margin: Left 1.5”, top 1”, right 1” and bottom 1”.

Typing :

o Chapter Title: Impact (Upper Case), size 16, Aligned to left side ( e.g. CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW )

o Main Heading: Arial Bold, size 12 ( e.g. 1.1 Network Routing Protocols)

o Sub Heading: Arial Bold, size 11 (e.g. 1.1.1 Dynamic Source Routing )

o Body text: Arial, size 11, Colour: Black

o The chapters will be designated by Numerics like CH APTER 1, CHAPTER 2 … etc. The sections of a chapter will be numbered using decimal type notations, e.g., 3.2 refers to the second section of chapter 3.

o Figure and Table captions: Arial, size 11

§ Decimal type notations will be used for numbering the figures/photos, charts, tables and drawings in a chapter (e.g. Figure 3.2 , Table 4.2 etc.)

o The pages carrying the declaration, acknowledgement, abstract, contents, nomenclature, list of tables, list of figures will be numbered by using one set of small roman numerical (i, ii, iii…).

o Footer: page numbers at the bottom right hand side – e.g. 29 – for page number 29 in the report. Header: Chapter name & title in Arial, Italic, 9pt font on right side

o Equations should also be numbered in decimal type notation within the brackets.

o Appendixes will be numbered with capital Roman numerical, e.g. Appendix I, Appendix II …..etc.

Paragraph alignments:

o Paragraphs – justified

o Line spacing – 1.5 line spacing

Contents as follows:

As per specified format (Obtain from Blackboard)

  • Acknowledgement & Abstract Not Required
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Tables
  • List of Figures
  • List of Symbols and Abbreviations

Chapter 1 & 2 Not required

CHAPTER 3, 4, 5.. Experimental Setup and Methodology

Deals with the experimental investigation carried out and methodology used. This chapter should be detailed to give deep insights into the experimentation associated with the project and must be the bulk of the report; Chapter Summary.

CHAPTER 6 Results and Discussions

Discuss, analyse, and interpret the results obtained; Chapter summary

CHAPTER 7 Conclusions

Present the conclusions based on the results

CHAPTER 8 Recommendations/Future Work

Give suggestions for future work based on conclusions

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