2Q: 5-8 paragraphs: Do we regard science as neutral, science homework help

Question 1: In an essay of 5-8 well-developed paragraphs, respond to the following quote: “If we regard technology as neutral but subject to abuse we will be blinded to the consequences of artefacts being designed and developed in particular ways.” Explain what this statement means. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why or why not? Your answer must be supported by appropriate examples and case studies taken from the assigned readings and lecture. Be sure to cite when appropriate. Question 2: In an essay of 5-8 well-developed paragraphs, describe the feminist perspectives on technology and science. How does it compare with the other viewpoints we’ve covered in class (e.g., positivism, SCOT, social construction, technological systems, etc.)? Point out the feminist perspectives’ advantages and disadvantages, and discuss those using case studies and other examples presented in the readings and lecture. Your analysis and discussion must include examples taken from both the units on “Reproductive Technologies” and “Gender,” and also include examples from other units.

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