Select only five questions from the fine listed and fully respond to each of the prompts. You can use books, library resources and the internet

Select only five questions from the fine listed and fully respond to each of the prompts. You can use books, library resources and the internet. You cannot use Chegg or any similar online “tutoring” service. You may not discuss the test with anyone other than the instructor (Dr. Pintado). Make sure to cite your references in APA format. Citations should be cited in the text and in the reference list.

1. Lenore is a health educator that has recently been hired to provide diabetes education in Monroe County. Her first task is to design a program for county resident that have recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Assessment of the population found that the primary needs include the necessity of proper blood sugar monitoring and diet. Utilizing a theory of health behavior change, discuss how she might develop a program to address these needs (i.e., monitoring blood sugar and diet modification). Develop a logic model of this intervention. Be as specific as possible.

2. You are a health educator at a county health department. You are charged with working with a community and have received data, compiled from a variety of sources that suggests that the leading health problems for this community are obesity and cardiovascular health. After speaking with community members, they insist that the biggest health problems facing their community are drugs and crime.  Community members say they do not feel same in their streets. 1) What health issues are you going to address? 2) How will you get buy-in from the community?Be specific. Give details. 3) List stakeholders that you will recruit to be a part of this program and explain why you have selected them as stakeholders. 4) Describe a multilevel program (include the following: behavioral, environmental, and policy) that will address the health issue.

3. You are a health educator at a state health department. You are tasked with creating a theory-based campaign/program to reach communities that are refusing the COVID vaccines. You are presenting to your supervisors the process you will take to plan out the campaign using the PRECEDE-PROCEED planning model. In detail, walk your audience through each step of the planning process. Provide details for each step.

4. You are public health researcher explaining the importance of case selection, control selection, and sources of exposure information in case control studies. Your Zoom presentation focuses on examining the relationship between low physical activity and heart disease. After the presentation, you look through the chat and realize that your audience had several questions. You decide to post your response on your webpage to the questions for your audience to read. For the first three questions (a-c), please explain in words (qualitatively, no numbers) which cell(s) in a 2 x 2 table would change and in which direction (increase, decrease) and what effect that would have on the odds ratio. For the remaining two questions, make sure that you answer them fully.

a. What is the effect if controls are selected from a fully employed population?b. What would happen if there were poor recall of exposure among both cases and controls?c. What would happen if cases recalled high risk exposure more than actually occurred?d. Discuss a possible good source of cases and a good source of controls. Explain why these would be goodsources.e. Discuss a possible good source of exposure information.

5. Mississippi University for Women developed an intervention to reduce obesity among students, by developing a “Healthy Eating Media Campaign.” This campaign focused on providing students with information on healthy eating and providing students, both on and off campus, with information on healthy eating, making wise food choices at the cafeteria and area restaurants, and providing students with simple, healthy, and inexpensive meal preparation methods. The media campaign lasted 3months and included a strong social media presence, a recipe app, YouTube and TikTok videos, and extensivecampus promotion. a. Please describe how you would evaluate the process of this intervention. What information would you need to conduct this evaluation?b. Describe how you would evaluate the impact and the outcome of this intervention. Describe the study design, the type of data you would use or collect, your main impact and outcome measures as well as a list of the key confounders. What analyses would you use?c. What do you think would be the major sources of bias and confounding in investigating the effect of the intervention on your outcome measures and how would you try to mitigate their impact in the design and data analysis stages of the evaluation?
6. You work as a health educator addressing the issue of asthma in a community. You are tasked with creating a presentation to increase knowledge regarding asthma control among adult asthma patients. You have created the presentation and have decided to used the following asthma knowledge questionnaire: . In detail describe the design you would use to test the effectiveness of your presentation. Make sure to discuss the types of statistical analyses you would use. In discussing the analyses, make sure to address types of exploratory and descriptive analyses, inferential analyses, including the null and alternative hypotheses, and the assumptions that must be met by the inferential method of analysis you have selected.

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