The contemporary issues

The contemporary issues that Indians in a foreign country face are the identity crisis and acceptance into mainstream society. The diverse beliefs and backgrounds do not allow for amicable living and affable relationships. The cultural and social beliefs in India are very orthodox and superstitious while in any foreign country these beliefs are different hence it becomes a conflicting issue. Religion never forms a part of societal relationships and family bonding. In India religion and caste are two important pillars for family and marriages. This could be another issue. The issues of communication and language play a very decisive role in understanding and accepting the Indians into any foreign society. The instant resilience in being unable to adapt to modern society and way of living puts the Indians at a disadvantage. The age old habits, culture and religion also play a major role in the acceptance of Indians. These issues which are social in nature hinder the Indians from getting along with the foreign societies which are different in beliefs and systems.

The educational ideologies also differ. Though the education systems in India s considered to be very strong , the lack of technological inputs into the educational systems make is it very traditional .when Indians get to school here the rate of failure is very high because of the nature of education.

The job sector is l also another issue with the Indian population .the dignity of labor that is prevalent in India prevents the Indians from accepting whatever jobs are available. This becomes a social stigma and hence becomes an issue.


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