The claim is that in every argument, there has to claims, which are justified, as well as based on rational

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1.The claim is that in every argument, there has to claims, which are justified, as well as based on rational.

2.To justify a claim, means to provide evidence, which shows that a claim is true. This can be through the work of other people in that sector, or even through a statement given by a credible person concerning the given claim. When a claim has been justified, it means that it has been approved as being true.

3.An assumption is when a person gives their view without any evidence to support it. It means that the person has made the view, based on his thoughts. Assumptions are not good as they are usually not true.

4.People who hold positions in government should ensure that the claims they make are justified. They should not claim about things, which are not true. This is because it has serious repercussions to the people he leads as well as himself .On my part; I would not be pleased if the leader assumed things, which were false. This is because it makes one doubt all his words and people will not be interested in any of his affairs. Even children might start to mock the leader, since he does not make assumptions, which are justified.

5.According to the author, it is vital that clarification is given by the arguer. The presented reasons must be justified using sufficient evidence. This is because the arguer is committing an offense of plagiarism. This means that the reason given might have been obtained from another source, without the permission of the original author. The audience should be aware if the arguer is making assumptions. This makes them be informed that the information provided is not credible. Any audience member can be requested to give their own view, based on valid evidence.

6.During arguments, there is a process of achieving a goal. This means that the elements of product and process are present in any argument.

7.Texts are known as results and products of the argument process. The texts are extremely essential in any argument process, which is ongoing. This is because it is based on inquiry and there are certain elements, which characterize it. They include; Gathering information, finding facts, as well as focusing on different viewpoints concerning the matter. These texts represent the need to persuade effectively, through seeking the truth.

8.Propaganda has different meaning to the authors. Most times the political field has a lot of propaganda, which is due to the opinion held by the different parties. This might in turn, create opposition among people, based on their different claims. The parties make arguments, which are known as propaganda.

9.In most arguments, the arguers seek to ensure that one of them wins. When this takes place, the arguers tend to ignore vital issues, such as providing the truth to their claims. Both of them need to know that no argument should occur if there is no truth being involved.

10.In an argument, which is written down, there has to be an element of seeking the truth. The aim of the argument should be to find claims which are true through justification.

11.It is through making decisions, which are rational, that people become civilized. Through discourse, which is rational, people become morally upright, as well as give information, which is true. The actions a person displays and the justification they give, show the basis of the claims of an arguer. This is whether they are based on self-interest and power, or rationality.