The Children’s Creative Centre

The Children’s Creative Centre






Office for Child Care Services (OCCS)

OCCS provides support to low income working families by giving child care financial services, and encourages children’s learning through improving the quality of early care, child education, and creative after school programs. The OCCS was started in 2010 to replace the defunct Child Care Bureau. The OCCS offers resources for both parents and care givers on how to find quality child care, resources to choose quality child care, finding financial assistance for child care, reporting child abuse and neglect, finding local head start programs and confirmation of qualifying for various services, and information pertaining to tribal child care resources.

Child care providers are assisted to have appropriate knowledge about child care assistance for families, funding to help start and improve child care programs. It also tries to seek out how religious groups may become child care providers as part of the federal voucher or subsidy system, receive funding to serve children from low income families. Additionaly, it determines how this can be achieved by collaborating with local head start programs, providing licensing regulations for starting and operating children’s homes, and finding more child care resources. OCCS is committed to helping many children access quality care, together with Child Care and Development Fund, a program that works with the state and tribal governments to support children.

Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA)

The Department of Transitional Assistance main mission is to assist low income individuals meet their basic requirements, improve their incomes, and lead quality lives. DTA serves a large proportion of individuals and families within the commonwealth. These people include working families, children, elders, cash assistance, and employment supports.

DTA works with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to provide poor commonwealth residents with assistance to help them make ends meet in purchasing nutritious foods. The Employment Services Program (ESP) is jointly funded by federal and state with the main aim of assisting clients find jobs. They also help in resolving employment barriers and giving a means for self sufficiency. Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC) provides cash assistance to families who have children, and expectant women in their last trimester of pregnancy, who have few assets or low income. It operates under the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Clients get childcare and transportation support, and are able to reach out to supportive referrals concerning drug abuse, domestic violence, and mental health services.

DTA also provides emergency shelter assistance services to families, and is committed to helping domestic violence victims to lead violence free lives. Help them safely achieve economic self sufficiency.

Academic and Behavioural Clinic, Inc

The Academic and Behavioural Clinic (ABaC) is a licensed mental health clinic certified by SOMWBA, and accredited by JCAHO. It is owned and operated blacks who specialize on mental health requirements of black people. Their team consist of psychologists, clinicians, and educators who are committed and experienced to culturally competent assessment of treatment of black people. They provide comprehensive academic and behavioural assessments to children, adolescents, and adults. In a nutshell, they offer treatment services, clinical training programs, and evaluation services.

ABaC’s are committed to providing high quality, accessible, and culturally effective mental health interventions, services to children, adults, and families at risk in terms of assessment. They promote social, emotional, economic, and behavioural health. Their motto is to prevent as a component of continuity of comprehensive service.


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